Batterer’s Intervention Program

Batterer intervention programs are considered by many to be an important part of a comprehensive approach to domestic violence, and many courts order offenders to attend these programs while on probation for a domestic violence offense.

The abuser treatment programs re-educate offenders on their behavior and help them to develop new methods of interacting with intimate partners and family members.

Program Components:

Homework Assignments: Brief assignments will be given to Participants. Doing the assignments will allow you to get the most from the classes

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given to participants to ensure they understand the course material.

Self Assessments: Self Assessments will be given to participants to enable them to keep up with their progress as they go through the lessons.

Practice Exercises:  In some lessons, you’ll be asked to do a practice exercise (answers provided right in the exercise).  This is the second way that we confirm your understanding of material. 

Final assignment:  At the end of your course you will be asked to complete a final assignment. Though it is not actually part of the class material, it will allow you to assess what you have learned during the course and give feedback and ideas about the dynamics of Life Skills Academy.

Remember, these courses are self-paced. You’ll be progressing through the course as quickly or slowly as you like. You control the pace. Once you enroll in the class, you can begin.  We want you to get the most out of this course, so we require that you complete all activities in lesson one before you’ll be allowed to continue.

Participant Communications:

Group Meetings: Many group sessions are scheduled for this class via our Webinars. Participants can attend online and interact with his/her instructor and other attendees and share experiences and feelings while developing tools to help participants learn to develop a non abusive response to behavior

Forums:  Our Discussion Forums are open to participants 24/7. Participants go there to discuss courses, lessons, class content or anything they want. 

Live Chat: Live chat in every classroom.

Event Planner: If you have an event you would like to inform your fellow classmates about. Please use our event planner!


The goal of these intervention programs is to

  • teach abusive partners to develop empathy for their victims;
  • identify and self-monitor negative thoughts,
  • identify and interrupt the negative self-talk that often precedes incidences of violence
  • teach genderequality in relationships
  • teach participants to identify various forms of abuse
  • recognize and detail the type of abuse they have engaged in
  • take responsibility for the abuse
  • find alternatives to violence
  • help participants learn to develop a non abusive response to behavior


After you complete all classes you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

To receive your certificate: Email your Final Assignment  – The Name of your Class (example: 52 hour Batterer’s Intervention Program) to along with YOUR NAME as you would like for it to appear on your certificate and the email address you would like your certificate sent to.

Class Fees:

12 Hour Batterers Intervention Class $75.00

18 Hour Batterers Intervention Class $95.00

26 Hour Batterers Intervention Class $115.00

34 Hour Batterers Intervention Class $135.00

52 Hour Batterers Intervention Class $210.00

Batterers Intervention Material:

What is The Duluth Model?

Since the early 1980s, Duluth—a small community in northern Minnesota—has been an innovator of ways to hold batterers accountable and keep victims safe. The “Duluth Model” is an ever evolving way of thinking about how a community works together to end domestic violence.


The classes on our website are educational courses only. They are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice or counseling. It is your responsibility to confirm with the judge, probation, or your attorney as to whether a distance-learning DV program will meet your requirements in your state or county.

You may need a letter for the judge to explain our services and what we do. Please feel free to download and print this letter to present it the Judge presiding over your case. 

Letter to the Judge – Batterers